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Subject: [Boost-bugs] [Boost C++ Libraries] #1740: date_time includes <windows.h>
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Date: 2008-03-31 17:20:54

#1740: date_time includes <windows.h>
 Reporter: Anteru_at_[hidden] | Owner: az_sw_dude
     Type: Bugs | Status: new
Milestone: Boost 1.36.0 | Component: date_time
  Version: Boost 1.35.0 | Severity: Problem
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 The header <boost/date_time/filetime_functions.hpp> includes <windows.h>
 by default, and there is no way to turn this off (e.g.
 BOOST_USE_WINDOWS_H). This is a problem as this brings in the
 min,max,ERROR,etc. macros in. (This header is included if you include

 As date_time has to be compiled anyway, it would be very nice to have this
 functionality in the library somewhere and not include <windows.h>.

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