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Date: 2008-05-25 22:36:21

#484: Boost.Iostreams and newline translation
  Reporter: jpstanley | Owner: turkanis
      Type: Feature Requests | Status: closed
 Milestone: Boost 1.36.0 | Component: iostreams
   Version: None | Severity: Optimization
Resolution: fixed | Keywords:
Changes (by turkanis):

  * status: assigned => closed
  * resolution: None => fixed


 I've decided the correct way to solve this problem is to write a seekable
 filter adapter that provides an implementation of seek in terms of user
 supplied implementations of read and write. I have added this idea to the
 list of possible new filters and devices in the
 [wiki:IostreamsFiltersAndDevices Iostreams Roadmap].

 In case the wiki entry changes, here is the current description: "A
 seekable_filter_adapter that provides an implementation of seek() when the
 user has defined read() and write(). seek() would work by checking whether
 the offset is relative to the beginning of the stream, and if so, whether
 it corresponds to a previously saved offset. If so, it fetches the stored
 offset in the unfiltered stream and performs a seek on the downstream
 device. This would solve the problem raised by #484"

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