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Subject: [Boost-bugs] [Boost C++ Libraries] #2268: BOOST_CHECK_CLOSE returns only errors
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Date: 2008-08-28 15:10:43

#2268: BOOST_CHECK_CLOSE returns only errors
 Reporter: Michael Schmid <michaelschmid1_at_[hidden]> | Type: Bugs
   Status: new | Milestone: Boost 1.37.0
Component: None | Version: Boost 1.36.0
 Severity: Problem | Keywords: BOOST_CHECK_CLOSE
 Hi all

 This is my first bug report (ticket) to the boost developer team or to
 whom it may concern. So please don't be angry about some mistakes :-)

 I think I have found a bug in the test library.
 I have to check some double values near zero.

 The first one seems to be ok:

 BOOST_CHECK_CLOSE( P(0,0), PostMatrix(0,0), 1e-20 );
 This returns:

 ../src/nnetDataProcessingTest.h(341): error in
 "NnetDataProcessing_testPostStd1": difference between P(0,0){1} and
 PostMatrix(0,0){0.99999999999999978} exceeds 1e-20%

 If I set the tolerance to 1e-6, everything is ok!

 Now, the second one seems to contain the bug:

 You see, I have written some double values directly in the
 BOOST_CHECK_CLOSE to be sure I don't have a mistake somewhere else.
 The tolerance is set to 1%! But even though I get following message:

 ''''''../src/nnetDataProcessingTest.h(361): error in
 "NnetDataProcessing_testPostStd1": difference between 0.0{0} and
 -2.3093506e-17{-2.3093506000000001e-17} exceeds 1%''''''

 This is not the expected result?
 Waht's wrong here. Is this my mistake? Or is it really a bug?

 Thanks for any help


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