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Subject: Re: [Boost-bugs] [Boost C++ Libraries] #2563: [boost][serialization] void_upcast is very slow
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Date: 2008-12-04 20:29:21

#2563: [boost][serialization] void_upcast is very slow
  Reporter: jacobholm_at_[hidden] | Owner: ramey
      Type: Feature Requests | Status: assigned
 Milestone: Boost 1.38.0 | Component: serialization
   Version: Boost 1.37.0 | Severity: Optimization
Resolution: | Keywords:
Changes (by ramey):

  * status: new => assigned


 I am interested in making the library faster.

 But, I don't see your solution working execept in special cases.
 void_upcast also "shifts" the pointer much like

 static_cast<A *>(b)

 would. Your solution would work only when the derived class has not
 member variables

 Robert Ramey

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