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#852: Problem with Boost and GCC 4.1
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Changes (by Michael Andres <ma_at_[hidden]>):

 * cc: ma_at_[hidden] (added)


 In case someone is listening: Is this really a linux/gcc problem? I'm
 asking because I don't see how/where the test could happen. (boost-1.36.0)

 Looking at the slot ctor, neither get_inspectable_slot() nor the
 detail::bound_objects_visitor (trackable.hpp) seem to handle the case of a
 bound pointer to to member function.

 If I'd add a few more decode() overloads to class bound_objects_visitor, I
 could catch those cases:

       template<class R, class T, class LT>
       void decode(const _bi::bind_t<R,_mfi::cmf0<R,T>, _bi::list1<LT> > &
 t, int) const

       template<class R, class T, class A1, class LT, class L1>
       void decode(const _bi::bind_t<R,_mfi::cmf1<R,T,A1>,
 _bi::list2<LT,L1> > & t, int) const


 But I can't extract the 1st arg of the bind_t internal list in order to
 check whether it's a pointer of reference to a trackable seems to be a
 private member of bind_t).

 May it be it's not a compiler problem, but simply not implemented?

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