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Subject: [Boost-bugs] [Boost C++ Libraries] #2808: boost parameters and gcc -Wunused-parameter
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Date: 2009-02-27 14:45:27

#2808: boost parameters and gcc -Wunused-parameter
 Reporter: plasmahh_at_[hidden] | Owner: danielw
     Type: Bugs | Status: new
Milestone: Boost 1.39.0 | Component: parameter
  Version: Boost 1.38.0 | Severity: Problem
 Keywords: -Wunused-parameter |
 Hi, the BOOST_PARAMETER_FUNCTION macro leaves a helper function with the
 parameter boost_parameter_enabler_argument around. however, that parameter
 is never used, so gcc with -Wunused-parameters leads to really ugly
 template infested warnings that the user has no control over. I suggest
 therefore either to remove the name of the parameter entirely (or rather
 comment it out for documentation purposes), or if this is not supported by
 all compilers (gcc 4.2-4.4 do work here) to have this parameter casted to
 void in the function body.

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