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Subject: [Boost-bugs] [Boost C++ Libraries] #3246: Patch for compatibility with STLport
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Date: 2009-07-06 16:04:05

#3246: Patch for compatibility with STLport
 Reporter: andysem | Owner: rogeeff
     Type: Bugs | Status: new
Milestone: Boost 1.40.0 | Component: test
  Version: Boost Release Branch | Severity: Problem
 Keywords: test stlport |
 Boost.Test doesn't compile with GCC 4.3.3 when STLPort 5.2.1 is used with
 string template expressions enabled. There are two problems, actually:

 1. STLPort uses "long long" type internally, but due to "warnings=all"
 flag in the Jamfile.v2 all such places are flagged as errors by GCC
 ("error: ISO C++ 1998 does not support ‘long long’"). Removing the flag or
 changing it to "warnings=on" solves the problem.

 2. When template expressions feature is used std::string concatenation
 does not result in another std::string object but a temporary object of
 some internal type. Therefore unit_test_parameters.ipp compilation fails
 everywhere where the result of string concatenation is passed as a
 function argument.

 The attached patch fixes both problems.

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