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Date: 2009-10-14 08:36:22

#3520: Syntax Error in boost/typeof/typeof.hpp
 Reporter: Jason Masters <jason_masters@…> | Owner: burbelgruff
     Type: Bugs | Status: new
Milestone: Boost 1.41.0 | Component: typeof
  Version: Boost 1.40.0 | Severity: Problem
 Keywords: syntax error typeof.hpp |

Comment(by Jason Masters <jason_masters@…>):

 Do the Boost.Typeof tests define both !__COMO!__ and !__GNUG!__ ?
 I have checked a testcase of the issue with the online Comeau test:
 #if defined(__COMO__)
 # ifdef __GNUG__
 # define BOOST_TYPEOF_KEYWORD typeof
 # endif
 # endif

 With no defines this compiles successfully.
 With command line options -D!__COMO!__ -D!__GNUG!__ we get:
 "ComeauTest.c", line 3: error: expected an identifier
 1 error detected in the compilation of "ComeauTest.c".
 Which is what I would expect. If just !__COMO!__ is defined then
 compilation is successful.
 Even if the como compiler does parse this code successfully it is still
 wrong - other compilers still have to parse the code in the non-included
 #ifdef sections.

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