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Subject: Re: [Boost-bugs] [Boost C++ Libraries] #3580: Boost.MultiIndex depends on Boost.Serialization
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Date: 2009-11-02 20:35:49

#3580: Boost.MultiIndex depends on Boost.Serialization
  Reporter: Leandro Lucarella <llucax@…> | Owner: joaquin
      Type: Bugs | Status: closed
 Milestone: Boost 1.41.0 | Component: multi_index
   Version: Boost 1.40.0 | Severity: Problem
Resolution: wontfix | Keywords:

Comment(by joaquin):

 Replying to [comment:2 Leandro Lucarella <llucax@…>]:

> I understand. I think hidden dependencies are bad though[...]
 Well, this dependency is as hidden as the dozens of other Boost
 headers implcitly included by Boost.MultiIndex. In my opinion, the
 problem is not here, but in the way that libboost-serialization-dev
 has been packaged. More on this below.
> > Seemingly this Debian problem is already reported and fixed
> > according to
> >
> >
> Thanks, I missed that. Looking at the Debian changelog for the package I
 found that was "reverted" (the dependency was moved from "Depends" to
 "Recommends") to avoid a circular dependency problem. So the problem is
 still there unless you install recommended packages by default.
 I think this reveals a problem with the way libboost-serialization-dev
 is packaged: Boost.Serialization consists of:
 * Serialization headers (boost/serialization)[[BR]]
 * Archive headers (boost/archive)[[BR]]
 * Binaries to link against when using serialization[[BR]]
 All circular problems would be solved if the headers (or at least
 the boost/serialization headers) were included in libboost-dev,
 leaving the rest for libboost-serialization-dev proper.
 I'm not familiar with the Debian community. Do you feel
 in the mood for moving this there?

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