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#3435: Linking failure with MSVC 7.1
  Reporter: andysem | Owner: rogeeff
      Type: Bugs | Status: reopened
 Milestone: Boost 1.41.0 | Component: test
   Version: Boost 1.40.0 | Severity: Problem
Resolution: | Keywords: msvc
Changes (by andysem):

  * status: closed => reopened
  * resolution: worksforme =>


 It doesn't come to the test modules, as Boost.Test doesn't build. The
 problem is still present in the 1.41 release.

 Here is my build script, as I run it from Cygwin bash:

         if [ ! -f tools/jam/src/bin.ntx86/bjam.exe ]
                 pushd ./tools/jam/src >/dev/null
                 popd >/dev/null

         export HAVE_ICU=1
         export ICU_PATH="$ROOT_DIR/ThirdParty/icu"
         export ICU_LINK="/LIBPATH:$ROOT_DIR/ThirdParty/icu/win32/lib
 icuuc.lib icuin.lib icudt.lib"

         export ZLIB_BINARY=zlib
         export ZLIB_INCLUDE=$ROOT_DIR/ThirdParty/ZLib/inc
         export ZLIB_LIBPATH=$ROOT_DIR/ThirdParty/ZLib/lib/win32

         tools/jam/src/bin.ntx86/bjam.exe -d+2 -j 2 --stagedir=stage.vc7
 toolset=msvc-7.1 stdlib=stlport variant=release link=shared runtime-
 link=shared threading=multi optimization=speed inlining=full rtti=on
 exception-handling=on debug-symbols=on "cxxflags=-G7 -arch:SSE2 -Oi -GL"
 "linkflags=/LTCG /OPT:REF,ICF" --with-test stage

 I'm using STLPort 5.1.4. The ROOT_DIR variable in the script is D:. I
 attached the complete build log that shows compiler flags and errors.

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