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#3436: Code miscompilation with MSVC 7.1
  Reporter: andysem | Owner: rogeeff
      Type: Bugs | Status: reopened
 Milestone: Boost 1.41.0 | Component: test
   Version: Boost 1.40.0 | Severity: Problem
Resolution: | Keywords: msvc
Changes (by andysem):

  * status: closed => reopened
  * resolution: worksforme =>


> Works fine for me. In fact I believe shared library build is part of
 routine regression tests.

 I'm not sure Boost.Test is build as a shared library with my options in
 the regular testing process.

> Are you sure it's not something specific to your setup? Do you have an
 example which reproduces this?

 I have described my setup in ticket #3435. I still have problems with 1.41
 Boost release (after the patch from #3435 is applied), although the test
 now simply ends with the "Boost.Test framework internal error: unknown
 reason" message instead of a crash. I don't have much time to dig deeper
 now, but I suspect that the root of the problem is still the same.

 Here is my test case:


 #include <boost/test/unit_test.hpp>
 #include <boost/test/test_tools.hpp>
 #include <boost/test/unit_test_suite.hpp>


 I compile it with the following commad line:

 cl -Ox -I ../STLport/stlport -I . -EHsc -MD ./test.cpp

 Where . is in the boost 1.41 directory. However, I believe, pretty much
 any test case
 is affected.

> Also what to you mean by speedup startup? How long does it take for you?

 It's not something I measured or intentionally wanted to speedup. It was
 just a side effect of the proposed patch. We have several thousands of
 tests here, many of them are using Boost.Test. If each particular test
 starts a bit faster, it has an observable effect on our testing as a
 whole. But since without the patch none of the tests work, I don't have
 anything to compare with.

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