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#4044: reset_object_address with library-created objects
 Reporter: Richard Hazlewood | Owner: ramey
     Type: Bugs | Status: new
Milestone: Boost 1.43.0 | Component: serialization
  Version: Boost 1.42.0 | Severity: Problem
 Keywords: reset_object_address heap allocated |

Comment(by Richard Hazlewood):

 I've certainly considered method-1, as you outline above. Method-2 is an
 alternative I had not considered. However, both would require large
 resstructuring of the code-base (which may be inevitable).

 The boost::function approach has a convenience (and elegance, IMO) for the
 application I am working on.

 It is only access to the default ctor of the function object that is
 getting in the way. For example, I could copy the behaviour of the
 serialization library's auto_ptr_with_deleter just to get to
 serialization::access::construct<> friend:

 template<class Archive>
 void serialize(Archive &ar, boost::function<Signature> & f, const unsigned
 int version){
   if (Archive::is_saving:value)
     ar & *<MyFunctor>();
     // get memory space for functor
     auto_ptr_thing<MyFunctor> p = (MyFunctor*)new char[sizeof(MyFunctor)];
     // in-place construct through the friend
     // de-serialize
     ar & *p;
     // hand over (this does incur a copy)
     f = *p.get();
     // let p destruct, taking the memory with it

 This avoids the object tracking. I was just trying to avoid duplicating
 this inner-library behaviour by routing through its pointer serialization
 (and it would be ''cleaner''), but, the point of this trac, as soon as I
 do that I have to worry about tracking - and reset_object_address did not
 do what I expected.

 Ultimately, if the current library behaviour of reset_object_address is
 considered correct (or not appliable to this type of heap allocated
 object), then I will consider the alternatives.

 Thank you for taking the time to discuss this.

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