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#4405: Printing in China
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     Type: Bugs | Status: new
Milestone: Boost 1.44.0 | Component: None
  Version: Boost 1.44.0 | Severity: Problem
 Keywords: Printing in China |
 Shenzhen Taijie Packaging Printing Factory, are located in Shenzhen,
 China. We have more than 10 years experiences in Packaging [http://www
 .china-printing.org/ Printing in China]; Our factory plant covers 3600
 square meters and fixed asset is 18 million RMB, the factory was founded
 in Jan 5, 1990 and put into operation in Feb28 , 1990 and we provide best
 service , with the development we introduced advanced equipments and
 technology , the business scope is also widened from design before
 printing ,professional printing to further process and our advantageous
 printing products including children books printing, packaging boxes
 printing, calendars, mock-up cards, etc., We've becoming one of the
 largest and most professional printing and packing group on large scale in
 China and operate internationally.

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