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#4349: Autolinking against debug STLport
  Reporter: eckhardt@… | Owner: johnmaddock
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Changes (by johnmaddock):

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 Unfortunately your patch would break a lot of other things, and in general
 this is actually unfixable.

 Assuming you built with something like:

 bjam stdlib=stlport runtime-debugging=off

 Then you do indeed get libraries with a -dp suffix. Note however that
 these would have been built with the /MD compiler option and linked
 against stlport-5.2.lib and not against the debug libraries
 (stlportd-5.2.lib) which would require building with /MDd - this latter
 option is simply not supported by Boost.Build as far as I can see, which
 is why the auto-linking code gives the error message it does.

 Now here's the issue - the libraries built with a -dp suffix can only be
 safely used if your code is also built with /MD and does not define _DEBUG
 (since the latter is used by MS to indicate the /MDd compiler option). In
 other words there is no way to select the "correct" -dp libraries in this
 case, although it will select a different -p variant without debugging
 info that is binary compatible with /MD.

 To get the error message that you did, I assume that you built your code
 with /MDd which will produce an error - and quite right too - as there is
 no way for Boost.Build to create those binaries (/MDd without
 _STLP_DEBUG). Further, building with /MDd and linking against -dp
 binaries is actually dangerous, as you're linking code built with two
 different MSVC runtimes, and two different STLport binaries.

 Anyway, I hope I've got that all correct - this is fiendishly complex to
 figure out which is why we created auto_link.hpp in the first place!

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