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 By Denise Baran-Unland

 For The Herald-News

 Realizing his dream of running a boxing gym made playing the movie role of
 an ex-boxer not much of a stretch for Joliet resident Joseph Awinongya.

 Although he had no prior acting experience, Awinongya, a former
 intercontinental professional boxer, and his Joliet gym are featured in
 the independently produced film “Dreams.” Awinongya couldn’t be more

 Awinongya is not seeking notoriety for himself, but recognition for his
 gym, which he opened in 2009. He wants to give boxers at any skill level,
 especially local disadvantaged youths, a chance to develop and improve
 athletic skills.

 That’s what makes Awinongya such a natural for the movie. According to the
 â€œDreams” Facebook page, the movie tells the stories of a dancer, rapper,
 ex-boxer, singer and hustler struggling through everyday life to make
 their dreams come true.

 The Will County Boxing Gym is Awinongya’s lifelong dream come true.

 â€œI have 600 kids at my boxing gym,” Awinongya said. “It costs a lot of
 money, so I have to find a way to keep it going, but it’s a pleasure for
 me. I was surprised to have such a big role in the movie, but if it helps
 kids, then I’m happy to do it.”

 A lot of filming was done right before Christmas at the gym. It features
 locally designed sets by Douglas Hawksworth of Relentless Iota Productions
 in Joliet and appearances by renowned industry professionals. Eighty-five
 percent of the movie was shot in Joliet, with the rest in Chicago, said
 Joel Kapity, the producer, director and co-screenwriter of “Dreams.”

 Actor Tommy Ford from the sitcom “Martin” and the detective drama “New
 York Undercover” is in the movie. American Idol runners-up Syesha Mercado
 and Lisa Tucker make appearances in the film.

 Dave Scott, a guest choreographer for ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars,” and
 recurring hip-hop choreographer for the Fox reality TV show “So You Think
 You Can Dance” choreographed a huge dance scene shot at the gym.

 One particular scene featuring Awinongya was so powerful, Kapity said, it
 moved everyone, including the camera crew, to tears.

 â€œThis is a very edgy, raw film,” Kapity said. “Not to be corny, but our
 dreams have really come true by making the movie. It’s exciting to see the
 impact it’s making on people.”

 Kapity met Awinongya five years ago when Kapity moved to Joliet from
 Skokie. Impressed with Awinongya’s boxing history and his compassion for
 youths, Kaptiy shot a documentary on Awinongya.

 When it came time to film “Dreams,” Kaptiy remembered Awinongya and knew
 he and the Will County Boxing Gym had to be part of the movie.

 Awinongya’s character is an ex-drug addict who has opened a gym and is
 trying to regain the love and trust of his daughter. Awinongya had no
 prior acting experience, but Kapity said he did a terrific job anyway.
 Awinongya said he learned his lines right before each shot.

 Awinongya urges people to see “Dreams” when it’s released in April because
 it echoes the message he delivers to the children at his gym.

 â€œThe gym is a good opportunity for kids. That was my dream,” Awinongya
 said. “So I always tell them, ‘If you have a dream, follow it. It will
 come alive if you put your mind to it.’ ”


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