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Subject: [Boost-bugs] [Boost C++ Libraries] #5151: Cannot compile Boost on CentOS 5.5
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#5151: Cannot compile Boost on CentOS 5.5
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  Version: Boost 1.45.0 | Severity: Problem
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 I'm trying to compile Boost on my CentOS 5.5 64bits i7 machine.

   mkdir serial
   cd serial
          -DWITH_MPI=OFF \
   make %{?_smp_mflags}

 make -C serial install DESTDIR=%{buildroot}

 Cmake will finish the kitchen job, no problems. When I look at the actual
 build dir (install starts), it creates a 32bits branch, completly ignoring
 the lib64 detection:

 + /bin/rm -f '/var/tmp/boost-1.45.0-7.el5-root-floren//usr/lib64/*-d.*'
 + find /var/tmp/boost-1.45.0-7.el5-root-floren/usr/lib64 -name '*.cmake'
 -exec /bin/rm -f '{}' ';'
 find: /var/tmp/boost-1.45.0-7.el5-root-floren/usr/lib64: No such file or

 The files are created into:

 I need to find a way and force Cmake to push the build with the proper
 For example, I tried:
 %define _cmake_lib_suffix -DBOOST_INSTALL_LIB_SUBDIR_NAME=lib64

 No effect. I really apreciuate if you could point me into right direction
 how to force Cmake create the /var/tmp/boost-1.45.0-7.el5-root-
 floren/usr/lib64 dir, instead of the /var/tmp/boost-1.45.0-7.el5-root-
 floren/usr/local/lib one.


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