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#5128: Implicit constant overflow in non_blocking_io::name()
  Reporter: hannesf@… | Owner: chris_kohlhoff
      Type: Bugs | Status: new
 Milestone: To Be Determined | Component: asio
   Version: Boost 1.45.0 | Severity: Problem
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Comment (by chris_kohlhoff):

 (In [69194]) Changes for asio version 1.5.0:

 * Added support for timeouts on socket iostreams, such as
   ip::tcp::iostream. A timeout is set by calling expires_at() or
   expires_from_now() to establish a deadline. Any socket operations
   which occur past the deadline will put the iostream into a bad state.

 * Added a new error() member function to socket iostreams, for
   retrieving the error code from the most recent system call.

 * Added a new basic_deadline_timer::cancel_one() function. This function
   lets you cancel a single waiting handler on a timer. Handlers are
   cancelled in FIFO order.

 * Added a new transfer_exactly() completion condition. This can be used
   to send or receive a specified number of bytes even if the total size
   of the buffer (or buffer sequence) is larger.

 * Added new free functions connect() and async_connect(). These
   operations try each endpoint in a list until the socket is
   successfully connected.

 * Extended the buffer_size() function so that it works for buffer
   sequences in addition to individual buffers.

 * Added a new buffer_copy() function that can be used to copy the raw
   bytes between individual buffers and buffer sequences.

 * Added new non-throwing overloads of read(), read_at(), write() and
   write_at() that do not require a completion condition.

 * Added friendlier compiler errors for when a completion handler does
   not meet the necessary type requirements. When C++0x is available
   (currently supported for g++ 4.5 or later, and MSVC 10), static_assert
   is also used to generate an informative error message. Checking may be

 * Made the is_loopback(), is_unspecified() and is_multicast() functions
   consistently available across the ip::address, ip::address_v4 and
   ip::address_v6 classes. Refs #3939.

 * Added new non_blocking() functions for managing the non-blocking
   behaviour of a socket or descriptor. The io_control() commands named
   non_blocking_io are now deprecated in favour of these new functions.

 * Added new native_non_blocking() functions for managing the
   non-blocking mode of the underlying socket or descriptor. These
   functions are intended to allow the encapsulation of arbitrary
   non-blocking system calls as asynchronous operations, in a way that is
   transparent to the user of the socket object. The functions have no
   effect on the behaviour of the synchronous operations of the socket or
   descriptor. Refs #3307.

 * Added the io_control() member function for socket acceptors.
   Refs #3297.

 * For consistency with the C++0x standard library, deprecated the
   native_type typedefs in favour of native_handle_type, and the native()
   member functions in favour of native_handle().

 * Added a release() member function to posix descriptors. This function
   releases ownership of the underlying native descriptor to the caller.
   Refs #3900.

 * Added support for sequenced packet sockets (SOCK_SEQPACKET).

 * Added a new io_service::stopped() function that can be used to
   determine whether the io_service has stopped (i.e. a reset() call is
   needed prior to any further calls to run(), run_one(), poll() or

 * Reduced the copying of handler function objects.

 * Added support for C++0x move construction to further reduce copying of
   handler objects. Move support is enabled when compiling in -std=c++0x
   mode on g++ 4.5 or higher, or when using MSVC10.

 * Removed the dependency on OS-provided macros for the well-known IPv4
   and IPv6 addresses. This should eliminate the annoying "missing braces
   around initializer" warnings. Refs #3741.

 * Reduced the size of ip::basic_endpoint<> objects (such as
   ip::tcp::endpoint and ip::udp::endpoint).

 * Changed the reactor backends to assume that any descriptors or sockets
   added using assign() may have been dup()-ed, and so require explicit
   deregistration from the reactor. Refs #4971.

 * Changed the SSL error category to return error strings from the
   OpenSSL library.

 * Changed the separate compilation support such that, to use Asio's SSL
   capabilities, you should also include 'asio/ssl/impl/src.hpp in one
   source file in your program.

 * Removed the deprecated member functions named io_service(). The
   get_io_service() member functions should be used instead.

 * Removed the deprecated typedefs resolver_query and resolver_iterator
   from the ip::tcp, ip::udp and ip::icmp classes.

 * Fixed a compile error on some versions of g++ due to anonymous enums.
   Refs #4883.

 * Added an explicit cast to the FIONBIO constant to int to suppress a
   compiler warning on some platforms. Refs #5128.

 * Fixed warnings reported by g++'s -Wshadow compiler option. Refs #3905.

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