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Date: 2011-03-29 21:17:18

#2893: Function Input Iterator
  Reporter: anonymous | Owner: dave
      Type: Library Submissions | Status: closed
 Milestone: To Be Determined | Component: iterator
   Version: | Severity: Not Applicable
Resolution: fixed | Keywords: iterator function input
Changes (by danieljames):

  * status: reopened => closed
  * resolution: => fixed


 (In [70709]) Iterator: merge several changes from trunk.

 - Update iterator_facade test for #1019
   (header change already merged).
 - Category of each iterator is reduced to a known category before we try
   find a minimum. Fixes #1517.
 - `function_input_iterator` from Dean Michael Berris. Fixes #2893
 - Fix typo in `boost/iterator.hpp`. Fixes #3434.
 - Always include `add_reference` header in iterator adaptor header.

 Did not merge changes for #1427.

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