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#5439: warning on dynamic bitset
 Reporter: lieven.de.cock@… | Owner: jsiek
     Type: Bugs | Status: new
Milestone: To Be Determined | Component: dynamic_bitset
  Version: Boost 1.47.0 | Severity: Cosmetic
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 When code is being compiled with the gcc compiler option "-Wshadow" [warn
 whenever a local variable shadows another local variable, parameter or
 global variable or whenever a build-in function is shadowed ...] we get a


 in the method :
 template <typename Block, typename Allocator>
 unsigned long dynamic_bitset<Block, Allocator>::
 to_ulong() const

 at the line (1111) :

   const size_type max_size =
             (std::min)(m_num_bits, static_cast<size_type>(ulong_width));

   const size_type last_block = block_index( max_size - 1 );

 The max_size local variable shadows the max_size method.

 Solution is trivial , rename the local variable : max_size -> maximum_size

   const size_type maximum_size =
             (std::min)(m_num_bits, static_cast<size_type>(ulong_width));

   const size_type last_block = block_index( maximum_size - 1 );

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