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Date: 2011-05-29 12:40:24

#5355: boost filesystem on Qnx trouble
  Reporter: wim@… | Owner: bemandawes
      Type: Bugs | Status: closed
 Milestone: To Be Determined | Component: filesystem
   Version: Boost 1.45.0 | Severity: Problem
Resolution: fixed | Keywords:

Comment (by Niklas Angare <li51ckf02@…>):

 I've attached a proper fix to issue 2 that enables large file support. The
 problem was that the *FILE_OFFSET* defines were defined after some system
 header files were included indirectly by boost/config.hpp. I've simply
 moved the code block to the top and removed "!defined(!__QNXNTO!__) &&".

 All regression tests on the release branch pass with the patch applied and
 a small test program is able to correctly report the size of a file that
 is larger than 4 gigs.

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