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Subject: Re: [Boost-bugs] [Boost C++ Libraries] #5579: 1_40_0 serialization break.
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Date: 2011-07-09 21:29:25

#5579: 1_40_0 serialization break.
  Reporter: Phil Hartmann <phil.hartmann82@…> | Owner: ramey
      Type: Bugs | Status: new
 Milestone: To Be Determined | Component: serialization
   Version: Boost 1.46.1 | Severity: Showstopper
Resolution: | Keywords: serialization object cross dll

Comment (by Phil Hartmann <phil.hartmann82@…>):

 Sorry for the lengthy delay in getting this, i've just been swmaped.

 The patch has both the fixes for 5579 and 5567 as all of the various files
 I went through throughout the years we've been using serialization these
 seem to have fixed at least those issues, testing out newer archives also
 seemed to be ok.

 There is a global constant thats just set to 'true' for denoting the
 version you are coming from, maybe this is something we should expose
 through some call or just always break 1_40 archives if they serialized
 across DLL's?

 I've attached the patch and ran bjam in libs/serialization/test, then I
 zipped the resulting .test files up and stuck them here.

 I spent 2 days trying to figure out how to use the regression tool and i'm
 just going in circles with no progression. Probably missing something
 simple, so I don't know if this is what you need or not, but all of the
 286 tests have a status of 'passed' in them, so i'm assuming its good...

 - Phil

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