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Subject: [Boost-bugs] [Boost C++ Libraries] #6115: missing file: round.hpp
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Date: 2011-11-11 19:21:50

#6115: missing file: round.hpp
 Reporter: emmanuel kitcher <ekitcher@…> | Owner: johnmaddock
     Type: Support Requests | Status: new
Milestone: To Be Determined | Component: math
  Version: Boost 1.35.0 | Severity: Not Applicable
 Keywords: round.hpp |
 I'm working on a vc++ 2005 project with the boost 1.35.0 installed in
 Win7. My code have this header,
 "#include <boost/math/special_functions/round.hpp>" but when building the
 code, it generates this error:
 : '''fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file:
 'boost/math/special_functions/round.hpp': No such file or directory"'''.
 This is making me think that the file '''"round.hpp"''' is missing in its
 folder. Kindly assist me get this resolved.
 Thank you.


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