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#6281: Concepts for MPL
  Reporter: ramey | Owner: jfalcou
      Type: Feature Requests | Status: new
 Milestone: To Be Determined | Component: mpl
   Version: Boost 1.48.0 | Severity: Not Applicable
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Comment (by ramey):

 You might want to be a little more conservative about this. I don't think
 it's really ready to be unleashed upon unsuspecting users. I'm working on
 something else which designed to be used my "end users". In order to keep
 some trivial error from unleashing a blizzard of immpenatrable error
 messages, I am implementing concepts into this "something else" from the
 very beginning. In doing this, I came to realize that I had to do this
 for some of MPL as well - hence this package. I've posted it here in the
 hope you or someone else might find it useful. It includes concepts for
 MPL iterators and for MPL forward and associative sequences. It's missing
 concepts for other types of sequences - extensible ... .

 I've included archtypes as part of the test. I had a lot of difficulty
 with making archtypes for the test and I don't think this is really
 correct. So given this, I made test_concepts.cpp which tests some the
 sequences provide by mpl - list, set, etc. Of course it should be no
 surprise that this brought out problems in the concepts themselves which
 had to be addressed.

 So the code might be useful - but not really ready for prime time. If
 this were deemed useful, it should be completed for the other sequences
 and include some documentation. Also the directory structure would have to
 be tweeked to be able to just drop into MPL. At this point, I'm happy to
 put it here and see if there is sufficient interest to justify this extra
 effort. Hmmmm - maybe this should be posted to the vault. Or maybe if
 you look at it you might find it useful and feel comfortable in
 incorporating right away. It's totally up to you as far as I'm concerned.

 For me, just making the code has be instructive to me personally. But
 even more interesting, it has already found a few bugs in my "real" code
 that I'm not sure I would have found.

 Anyway, I'll leave this to you. Thanks for an encouraging reception.

 Robert Ramey

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