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#5428: No <ctime> function in Windows CE 6.0
  Reporter: Akira Takahashi <faithandbrave@…> | Owner: az_sw_dude
      Type: Bugs | Status: new
 Milestone: To Be Determined | Component: date_time
   Version: Boost 1.46.1 | Severity: Problem
Resolution: | Keywords: wince

Comment (by Ulrich Eckhardt <ulrich.eckhardt@…>):

 Short update: Another function missing from both CE5 and CE6 is time().
 This function is used in boost/date_time/date_clock_device.hpp and
 boost/date_time/time_clock.hpp. Both uses are inside of template code, so
 the lack of these functions isn't obvious until the templates are

 My plan is to create a patch that adds a wrapper for time() to the c_time
 class and redirect any direct uses of time() there. Then, in a second
 step, I can implement the time wrapper there for CE. I'll post it in two
 steps because the first step will affect all platforms and I want that
 step to be as small and clear as possible, hopefully increasing the
 chances for it to be applied.

  * I don't have any environments earlier than CE5 here, so I can't speak
 for those, but I'm assuming that the state of the time functions is the
  * There are no definitions of time() etc in CE5 and CE6, see e.g. this
 ce.aspx blog posting] of one of the CE developers.
  * In CE5 you have declarations in time.h, which are imported by STLport
 into namespace std, in CE6 those are gone, too.

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