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Date: 2012-02-17 23:14:05

#6401: BGL: new algorithm
  Reporter: michele.caini@… | Owner: jewillco
      Type: Library Submissions | Status: new
 Milestone: To Be Determined | Component: graph
   Version: Boost Development Trunk | Severity: Not Applicable
Resolution: | Keywords: bgl, mrt

Comment (by michele.caini@…):

 Sorry for the late, I was busy.[[BR]]
 The implementation is ready, it has been developed (maybe) as boost
 compliant and it works fine. I'm working on doc and test cases. I would
 like to submit the proposal during next week.[[BR]]
 Can I use doxygen to embed doc into the code? Tell me what's the preferred
 The algorithm has been released under the GPLv3, with the software
 QSapecNG. However, there is no problem to release a copy of the algorithm
 under the Boost License 1.0.[[BR]]
 I'm the author of the implementation that I'd like to submit.

 Best Regards,

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