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Date: 2012-05-14 08:14:03

#6896: Support std::shared_ptr
 Reporter: Maciej Dems <maciej.dems@…> | Owner: rwgk
     Type: Feature Requests | Status: new
Milestone: To Be Determined | Component: Python
  Version: Boost 1.49.0 | Severity: Problem
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 In C++0x standard, there is a ne0w std::shared_ptr class, which is very
 similar to boost::shared_ptr. As in Boost Python one can require to use
 boost::shared_ptr to store the object, i.e.

 class_< A, boost::shared_ptr<A> >

 it should be possible to use std::shared_ptr for the same purpose:

 class_< A, std::shared_ptr<A> >

 In the present version, the code using std::shared_ptr<A> does not

 However, it seems that it might be sufficient to add the following
 template somewhere in the headers (ifdef-ed for c++0x):

 #include <memory>
 template<class T> inline T * get_pointer(std::shared_ptr<T> const & p) {
     return p.get();

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