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#7266: Gettext path formats.
 Reporter: 166291@… | Owner: artyom
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Milestone: To Be Determined | Component: locale
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 I'm extremely happy about Boost.Locale, but I've found a few things
 lacking. So at first I wrote a some wrappers to get around a few flaws
 with my usage of Boost.Locale. One of these flaws was how it's hardcoded
 to use the Gettext directory hierarchy.

 I'd rather store my stuff in 'lang/en_US.mo' rather than

 The patch adds a 'path format' feature, which allows you to format the
 directory structure when finding Gettext catalogs, to achieve the effect
 above. All you really have to do is run:

    gen.add_path_format("{1}/{2}.mo"); // Use a smaller hierarchy.

 to achieve the result that I prefer, or

    gen.add_path_format("{1}/{2}/{3}/{4}.mo"); // Use a Gettext hierarchy.

 to achieve the result that Boost.Locale uses right now. Ripped straight
 from Doxygen comments:

    {1} A path to search for catalogs in.
    {2} The locale's name.
    {3} The locale's category.
    {4} The Gettext domain.

 I apologize for the cut and paste from it but I'm having trouble with
 The full thread with patches can be found at:

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