[Boost-bugs] Debug Assertion with MFC on loading dll

Subject: [Boost-bugs] Debug Assertion with MFC on loading dll
From: Yiðit Çaðrý Akkaya (akkayacagri_at_[hidden])
Date: 2012-10-31 09:42:57


I have an MFC application. There are plenty of dll's written by us. In one
dll module, we use boost. However, on start up of application, it throws
several assertions about loading dll. I know assertions are available only
for debug mode, but we want to get rid of every small problem in order to
provide a stable release.

I made web search and I found this thread:

This belongs to 2009 and Boost 1.39. We use Boost 1.48. Thread says that
this happens when MFC application statically linked to boost. Probably,
nothing changed up to 1.48 because I found that line and commented it
out(extern BOOL (WINAPI * const _pRawDllMain)(HANDLE, DWORD,

Is there a macro defined in boost to differentiate static and dynamic
builds? If there is a macro, we are planning to wrap macro around that
line. Or is there any better solution for this?

Thanks in advance...

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