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#7623: make error
 Reporter: jer.oen@… | Owner: vladimir_prus
     Type: Support Requests | Status: new
Milestone: To Be Determined | Component: build
  Version: Boost 1.40.0 | Severity: Problem
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 cd calpp/trunk
  cmake .
  make install

 I get this error:

 root:abt:~/calpp/trunk# cmake .
  -- ATI CAL cl library directory /usr/lib
  -- ATI CAL rt library directory /usr/lib
  -- Boost version 1_40
  -- Configuring done
  -- Generating done
  -- Build files have been written to: /root/calpp/trunk
  rootiab t: -/calpp/trunk# make
  I 6%] Building CXX object
  In file included from /root/calpp/trunk/examples/coalescingtest.cpp:27: -
  /root/calpp/trunk/include/cal/cal.hpp:442: error: 'mutex' in naiaespace
 'boost' d
  oes not name a type
  /root/calpp/trunk/include/cal/cal.hpp:483: error: expected constructor,
  or, or type conversion before 'CALcontextJielper'
  /root/calpp/trunk/include/cal/cal.hpp:750: error: 'recursivejwtex' in
  'boost' does not name a type
  make[2]: ***
 [examples/CMakeFiles/coalescingtest.dir/coalescingtest.cpp.o] Error
  make(l]: *** [exainples/CMakeFlles/coalescingtest.dir/all] Error 2
  make: *** [all] Error 2

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