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#8223: Campus Safety Student Patrol Officers Upgrade To Guard Tour Tools###
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 A neighborhood university just implemented the system in all of their
 scholastic and housing structures on campus. The campus safety student
 patrol offers are equipped with a tool that they use when they make all
 their security guard tours throughout the day. The tool tracks the area
 of every security guard as they go throughout each building. These
 scanners could protect a building's security, help with monitoring
 equipment maintenance, and can be used for fire inspections. In the past,
 these reports were hand written and didn't help guarantee the safety of
 the patrol officer.

 These handwritten notes and records in some cases got lost or were
 incorrectly completed and failed to keep track of security guards when
 making their tours throughout the structure. For example, eight years ago
 one of the student housing structures ignited while the student patrol
 officer was inside the structure. The student became trapped when the
 structure engulfed in flames. No one was aware of the location of the
 student patrol officer. Luckily though, the student found a way out and
 escaped with only minor injuries. If the school had the guard tour system
 the campus safety officials would have known where the student patrol
 policeman was by looking at the records. This would help fire fighters
 find the trapped student security officer. Whenever the officer checks
 into a location, information is sent to the campus safety office. This is
 a terrific way for them to oversee each patrol policeman as well as get
 an understanding of exactly what's happening on campus.

 Schools that don't have a guard tour patrol system in place need to
 think about the benefits of having the extra protection. Parents and
 students alike would value knowing that the campus is serious about the
 safety of their students and faculty. Guard tour systems are easy to use
 and provide exact reports. Safeguard your building, students, visitors,
 and security patrol officers.

 In my opinion, I think that all buildings must be equipped with these
 systems to safeguard the citizens and make everybody feel at ease
 knowing that someone is patrolling the structure to keep it safe. While
 numerous schools currently have a system like this in place, structures
 like town libraries, offices structures, shopping malls, and stadiums
 need to have a security guard that patrols using a guard tour system. It
 will not only keep everybody safe, but also will create new jobs for
 individuals that are interested in being a security officer. With that
 being stated, as new structures are built, these systems should be
 required to be implemented. That ensure that brand new jobs are being
 produced as well as will provide citizens with comfort knowing that the
 structure is secure.

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