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#8249: Make Procrastination Meet your needs ###
 Reporter: angeabsuca1987 | Type: Bugs
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 Everyone else, to varying degrees, procrastinates. We all defer items that
 we don't want to do. That does not mean we do nothing. Au contraire! Most
 procrastinators get lots done; it really isn't what's most crucial or
 important. Procrastination is the art of doing something else when you
 will find more essential things to do. There's a method to make delay do
 the job. Since many of us have this ability to different levels of
 proficiency we might as well put it to utilize.

 The act of delaying is the true gift of delay. So far you might not have
 looked at it as a present, but it is. Many individuals get overbooked and
 overload their agendas with responsibilities and actions before they
 really considered it since they said yes they do not want to do. Delaying
 is a great solution to prevent over- scheduling and saying yes to things
 you should decline. Respond that you need certainly to check always your
 plan, when some body asks you to do anything. Request a day or two to take
 into account it and let them know you will return with your answer. Use
 procrastination as something to stop yourself from getting overbooked.

 Delay will also benefit finding a lot done. I know it seems strange, but
 it works extremely well. The secret is to have a significant task that
 needs completion, but that you do not desire to do it. My house was never
 better than when I was taking care of my dissertation. My husband really
 grabbed me outside cleaning your kitchen garbage can with a brush. When he
 asked what I was doing I replied, "Avoiding focusing on my dissertation".
 I knew precisely what I was doing and it worked. I obtained a great deal
 accomplished including my dissertation. The important thing would be to
 power the advantage of delay. Allow it move you to accomplish most of the
 jobs you need to get done. You will still have time and energy to finish
 the big job you've been avoiding.

 Delay includes a bad reputation, but the truth is that it can benefit you
 achieve a whole lot. Use delay to your benefit. Utilize it to delay saying
 yes to every thing. In this manner you will give time to your self to
 consider, and you'll not get overbooked. It'll also help you accomplish
 things because, when you're waiting, you're not merely sitting around.
 You're doing any job to prevent doing what you have to be doing. That is
 fine, and really you'll get doubly much done. Therefore stop beating your
 self up and enjoy perfecting the art of procrastination.

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