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#8270: Pay Someone Else's Taxes
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 Did you understand that you could make money by paying someone else's
 property taxes? Thirty-one states give a little-known investment
 opportunity that might be ideal for you.

 An annual interest return could be even seen by you from 1 5 years to 50%.

 The returns are available through tax lien and tax deed records sold by
 the state. Tax liens are positioned on a house when the real estate taxes
 are late. Many local authorities auction the liens off to buyers a couple
 of times a year as a way to have their owed money. They are called tax

 For on his home example, if Mr. Jones owes $2,000 in real-estate taxes and
 hasn't paid it, the county may place a lien. Ultimately the loan will
 undoubtedly be auctioned to an individual. The buyer gets the mortgage for
 $2,000. The district gets the money it needs right then. The treasury or
 finance department begins going after the amount of money from the
 delinquent tax payer. Nasty little notes are sent by them, warning them of
 future activities. They cost rates of interest and charges of up to 50%.
 The local government are able to turn around and pay the investor a big
 get back.

 You will find these investment opportunities through your local treasury
 or finance office. There's also many websites that keep the data in a up-
 to-date system. You might have to pay for the data. The easiest way would
 be to contact your local office in place of investing in a national

 They're short-term investment opportunities. Following the lien has been
 auctioned off, the county lets the master understand that they might lose
 their property to the lien certificate case if they don't pay the taxes,
 interest and penalties. Thus giving another chance to the owner to pay the
 bill and keep carefully the property. Should they don't pay, the loan
 certificate holder may foreclose on the property.

 In certain areas, the government can forego the investment opportunity and
 outright promote the tax deed to the house. This means if they do not pay
 the fees, you're the owner of the house right out.

 There are numerous stories about building a fortune buying tax acts. A guy
 in Oklahoma is rumored to own acquired land for $17 at a tax sale only to
 sell it for $4,400.

 Some people have now been lucky, but there are dangers and problems with
 tax records. The home could be trashed, if the proper procedures were not
 followed by you you could lose your money, the subject could be clouded,
 and the former owners might be hostile and armed with ammunition.

 Due to the auction property, a good property might only be accessible with
 some not-so-nice terms connected. You may "win" the home only to then lead
 to all the unpaid taxes and mortgages. If you've to foreclose, you might
 have plenty of charges come up. The master could be able to invoke the
 "equity of redemption" right that enables her or him to re-acquire the
 property following a foreclosure.

 Be sure that you know all the risks before you jump into tax revenue.
 Study the houses, which are often shown in the local paper a couple weeks
 prior to the sale. Have an intensive knowledge of your possible
 commitments, understand what the principles are, speak with your lawyer
 and recognize that your best plans might not work out.

 Ninety-eight per cent of impacted homeowners will pay their taxes. On the
 interest paid on the goverment tax bill all the people in to these records
 earn money.

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