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#8566: Enable writing of CDATA
 Reporter: Wolf A. Heidrich <wolf.heidrich@…> | Owner: cornedbee
     Type: Feature Requests | Status: new
Milestone: To Be Determined | Component: property_tree
  Version: | Severity: Problem
 Keywords: |
 If one tries to write a node using write_xml


 the characters <> (and probably & etc.) get escaped in HTML style. The
 output file will contain


 Might it be a solution to introduce another sub-key <xmlcdata> (like
 <xmlcomment>) and write code analogue to function write_xml_comment like
     template<class Ch>
     void write_xml_xcdata(std::basic_ostream<Ch> &stream,
                            const std::basic_string<Ch> &s,
                            int indent,
                            bool separate_line,
                            const xml_writer_settings<Ch> & settings
         typedef typename std::basic_string<Ch> Str;
         if (separate_line)
         stream << Ch('<') << Ch('!') << Ch('[') << Ch('C') << Ch('D') <<
 Ch('A') << Ch('T') << Ch('A') << Ch('[');
         stream << s;
         stream << Ch(']') << Ch(']') << Ch('>');
         if (separate_line)
             stream << Ch('\n');

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