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#8070: prefer GetTickCount64 over GetTickCount
  Reporter: alex@… | Owner: viboes
      Type: Bugs | Status: reopened
 Milestone: Boost 1.55.0 | Component: thread
   Version: Boost 1.55.0 | Severity: Problem
Resolution: | Keywords:
Changes (by anonymous):

 * status: closed => reopened
 * version: Boost 1.52.0 => Boost 1.55.0
 * resolution: fixed =>
 * severity: Cosmetic => Problem



 the "Procedure Entry Point Not Found" for GetTickCount64 is back or I
 should better say was not resolved in first place. The

 #if _WIN32_WINNT >= 0x0600 && ! defined _WIN32_WINNT_WS08

 check always enables the GetTickCount64, because _WIN32_WINNT is usually
 set to 0x0600. This value for _WIN32_WINNT OTOH is *always* required, even
 when targetting XP in order to have access to Vista and later Win32
 structs when the very same executable is supposed to run on later versions
 of Windows.
 Commenting out BOOST_THREAD_WIN32_HAS_GET_TICK_COUNT_64 again fixes the
 issue, but I would very much prefer to use a vanilla version of boost
 without requiring manual source changes before I can use.

 Regards, Zenju

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