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Date: 2013-11-23 20:52:29

#9280: handling deferred events
  Reporter: Dmitry Banschikov <me@…> | Owner: chenry
      Type: Bugs | Status: assigned
 Milestone: To Be Determined | Component: msm
   Version: Boost Development Trunk | Severity: Problem
Resolution: | Keywords:

Comment (by chenry):

 Ok, next possible solution, should make most happy: the decision of
 throwing away the deferred events upon exit is made by the history policy:
 - NoHistory: logically, we throw deferred events
 - AlwaysHistory: keep them all
 - ShallowHistory: like AlwayHistory, but depending on the event.

 I committed to trunk, rev. 86799 (let's see if I get the last commit to
 svn ever ;-) ).
 Hope it solves your problem.

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