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#9529: Boost.Signals2 VS2013 compile failure
  Reporter: dani@… | Owner: fmhess
      Type: Patches | Status: new
 Milestone: To Be Determined | Component: signals2
   Version: Boost Development Trunk | Severity: Problem
Resolution: | Keywords: VS2013

Comment (by dani@…):

 The error output from vc12 is:
 boost/signals2/detail/slot_template.hpp(29) : error C2065: 'Signature' :
 undeclared identifier
 boost/signals2/detail/slot_template.hpp(29) : error C2923:
 'boost::function' : 'Signature' is not a valid template type argument for
 parameter 'Signature'
 slot_compile_test.cpp(25) : error C3203: 'function' : unspecialized class
 template can't be used as a template argument for template parameter
 'OtherSlotFunction', expected a real type

 Tests were run against version 1.55.0 and the current development branch
 of boost.signals2. I've attached test logs from vc11 and vc12 with and
 without my proposed fix applied to 1.55.0 and 'development'. Feel free to
 ask me for additional test runs.

 This fix is part of my in-house boost distribution of 1.55.0 maintained by
 me for our small software developer team. Boost.signals2 is a vital part
 of our libraries and applications and shows no noticable problems with our
 vc12-builds (just like the vc11- and vc10-builds).

 In case you didn't notice: the additional 'test_move()' introduced lately
 causes compile failures with vc10 and vc11. Vc12 is fine. I'm
 investigating this - stay tuned.

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