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#9813: In Depth HideMyAss Evaluation Dissects Support Attributes
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 HideMyAss is one of the most popular VPNs around the Net, but does that
 automatically make it the greatest? This service has some of the most
 interesting characteristics that you will discover with VPNs, and it
 performs superbly compared to native Internet browsing. Subsequently read
 this critique to ensure that it lives up to the hype, if you're thinking
 of applying this support provider.
 Hosts and Protocols

 This service uses many different types of hosts to make it much easier for
 individuals to work with a VPN. There are servers that may operate with
 any OS or mobile device, and your connection will stay stable whenever you
 utilize this service.

 The best thing about HideMyAss is the
 [http://Pinterest.com/search/pins/?q=supported+protocols supported
 protocols]. Most VPNs simply use PPTP and OpenVPN protocols. All these are
 good for keeping your Internet connection anonymous, but they're also
 simple to obstruct. This service also uses the L2TP proto-col that is far
 more difficult to block. If you are attempting to bypass firewalls and
 government censorship, then this is an essential protocol.

 Common Speeds

 You might be given a client program that may run the Internet connection
 through a VPN, or you can configure your browser to work with HideMyAss.
 If you need the easiest time with the Web, and also the greatest speed,
 then use the program. This program is quite dependable, and you just have
 to configure several settings before searching the Internet.

 If you are using the application, then you will simply detect a 2 percent
 difference in rate from your regular Internet connection. As the
 relationship is fed via the tunnel all VPNs lessen your rate, but the
 average speed drop-off is about 10 to 20 percent. A 2 percent difference
 is barely noticeable.

 Unlimited Bandwidth

 The awful thing about most VPN support providers is that you only get
 limited bandwidth. This Can Be good if you simply desire to view a video
 or examine some text-based internet sites, but you can't replace your
 entire browsing.

 HideMyAss offers you limitless bandwidth so that you could readily replace
 your usual browsing with this particular VPN service. It is possible to
 view all the videos you want, read a countless number of websites and do
 something else that you need without going over your limit.

 IP Changes

 Every good VPN support provider has several IP addresses for you to
 connect to, as well as your IP address will usually change whenever a new
 connection is initiated by you. At once, this isn't really the best in
 solitude. It causes it to be simple for dedicated individuals to track
 your Internet use.

 HideMyAss allows you to randomly alter the internet protocol address. This
 guarantees that no one will have the ability to monitor you while you are

 IP Binding

 There are many [http://Www.Answers.com/topic/programs programs] that can
 show your actual IP address. For example, you down load a torrent file
 from a website. Most torrent programs are created to automatically start
 following the torrent file is finished downloading. This may show your
 internet protocol address, which may enable you to get in loads of

 The Safe IP Bind feature allows one to keep
 specific] applications from working before you've turned off the VPN. This
 makes it much less difficult to keep your on-line task unattributable.


 There are various VPN service providers, but
 [http://thebestvpnservices.wordpress.com/ HideMyAss] defeats virtually all
 of these. Your Internet connection will probably be as fast as ever,
 you'll be able to download an indefinite amount of videos with all the
 endless bandwidth and there are many practical qualities that can ensure
 that you remain anonymous. If you don't desire to be tracked on the
 internet, then you should definitely consider this support provider.

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