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#9917: Help on boost::optional
  Reporter: bouba_rrn@… | Owner: fcacciola
      Type: Support Requests | Status: new
 Milestone: To Be Determined | Component: optional
   Version: Boost 1.54.0 | Severity: Not Applicable
Resolution: | Keywords: watch boost optional

Comment (by anonymous):

 A debugger visualizer for boost::optional for VS can be downloaded from
 Instructions on "installing" it can be found here: It is possible
 that you have more than one autoexp.dat file. Make sure you are changing
 the one your IDE is using. If you are not sure which one it is, try
 changing all of them. Remember that you cannot put these contents anywhere
 in autoexp.dat; it has to be in section [Visualizer].

 Does this help?

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