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#10020: In general have commented on and
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Component: None | Version: Boost 1.54.0
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 In general have commented on and showed a little interests and so that is
 going to be at my weight loss over the past year now I’m not claiming I
 lost any substantial amount of way or anything like that I lost 15 pounds
 I don't know what percent of my body without was and no I was not fat
 before I did not think while I didn't think I was fat but you know that's
 a whole Wild raspberry ke ton mental issue I know that’s how mental issue
 I know
 I'm not a big percent I know people are going to look at this and be like
 oh skinny girl complaining that she needs to be skinnier I AI was not a
 healthy body weight form height at all I'm extremely short on Lee just
 under five to 15 one something be I was not pleased with how I look to
 myself I was not happy with myself but the reason that I think my video
 slash story might be of interest to people is because I am be laziest
 person in theworld you will not find someone who heats physical activity
 more than I do now I know it's not good but I'm so out of shape in down 15
 pounds but that's another issue so I'm going to tell you that I lost all
 this weight without exercising it was entirely on change in diet and it
 was not that difficult a change so before I get into what I did to lose
 the weight which is I think what you guys mostly want to see I'm going to
 just set this up with a few things about myself Osama mainly to emphasize
 got this is what works for me personally your body type your lifestyle
 whatever may be completely different from.

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