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Subject: [Boost-bugs] [Boost C++ Libraries] #10532: Macro BOOST_PREDEF_MAKE_0X_VVRRPP missing
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Date: 2014-09-23 20:12:12

#10532: Macro BOOST_PREDEF_MAKE_0X_VVRRPP missing
 Reporter: Erik Lindahl <erik@…> | Type: Bugs
   Status: new | Milestone: To Be Determined
Component: None | Version: Boost 1.54.0
 Severity: Regression | Keywords:
 Boost 1.55 and later versions will not work with the pathscale compiler
 (1.54 was fine), since this macro is missing from boost/predef/make.h (the
 macro is called from boost/predef/library/std/roguewave.h).

 Suggested fix is to add the following macro before line 43 of make.h:


  A modified make.h for Boost 1.56 is attached.

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