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#10639: lexical_cast<double>(string) wrong in C++11
  Reporter: richard.kreckel@… | Owner: apolukhin
      Type: Bugs | Status: assigned
 Milestone: To Be Determined | Component: lexical_cast
   Version: Boost 1.56.0 | Severity: Problem
Resolution: | Keywords:
Changes (by apolukhin):

 * status: new => assigned


 The problem seems to be much worse than it looks like.

 CLANG-3.4 and GCC-4.8.2 produce same results in C++03 and C++11 mode.
 Moreover, code in LexicalCast that does the conversion '''must work
 exactly the same way''' in C++11 and C++03. It is pretty simple and does
 not use real number types until the very end:

     const wide_result_t result =
 std::pow(static_cast<wide_result_t>(10.0), pow_of_10) * mantissa;
     value = static_cast<T>( has_minus ? (boost::math::changesign)(result)
 : result);

 This makes me think that there's probably some precision error in

 Unfortunately I have no access to GCC-4.9 and Clang-3.5 at this moment, so
 I can not investigate this issue further. Please, could someone do it?

 Thanks for the [
 gcc-now-converts-correctly/ link]! I'll put the test cases from it to the
 lexical cast auto tests and in case of errors will fallback to something
 like std::num_get. Maybe even with tests passing fallback to num_get will
 be done: current algo heavily relies on hardware precision and does not
 work in some cases (issue #6975).

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