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Subject: [Boost-bugs] [Boost C++ Libraries] #11224: Pre-processing / Pre-generating MPL-containers stopped working
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#11224: Pre-processing / Pre-generating MPL-containers stopped working
 Reporter: Deniz Bahadir <deniz.bahadir@…> | Owner: agurtovoy
     Type: Bugs | Status: new
Milestone: To Be Determined | Component: mpl
  Version: Boost 1.56.0 | Severity: Regression
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 == Background ==

 Boost.MPL allows to pre-process / pre-generate headers for MPL-containers
 (`vector`, `list`, `set`, `map`). In particular, headers for containers in
 ''variadic'' and ''numbered'' form can be pre-generated. For that,
 Boost.MPL comes with some python-scripts, located in subdirectory
 "libs/mpl/preprocessed/" of the Boost-source directory. (As a side-note:
 Documentation for these python-scripts is missing.)

 By default, Boost comes with pre-generated headers for MPL-containers that
 are able to hold up to 50 elements. Using the mentioned python-files it is
 possible to generate MPL-containers that can hold even more elements.

 == Problem ==

 Since release of Boost 1.56.0 the pre-generation of headers for MPL-
 containers does not work anymore.

 == Explanation ==

 One of the python-scripts used for pre-generation ("`pp.py`") requires
 certain information to be found in the header-comments of input-headers.
 In particular, it required the field `$Id$` in the header-comment to
 contain the filename (followed by some additional non-whitespace
 characters), which it no longer does in release 1.56.0 and newer Boost

 `$Id$` is a Subversion substitution-keyword. (See: `[http]://svnbook.red-

 I assume, Boost switched from Subversion to Git before releasing Boost
 1.56.0. That would explain why the keyword-substition did no longer work.

 == Solution ==

 To make the python-scripts work again, the best solution would be to also
 make the keyword-substitution work together with Git. However, as this is
 neither simple nor recommended (see:
 one should probably add the missing information into the header-comments
 directly before pre-generation.

 The attached python-script "`fix_boost_mpl_preprocess.py`" is able to do
 The attached python-script "`boost_mpl_preprocess.py`" can then be used as
 a comfortable helper-script for pre-generating.

 == Additional Information ==

 Explanation for both scripts on Stackoverflow:[[BR]]

 Discussion regarding this problem on the boost-users mailing-list:[[BR]]

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