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Date: 2015-11-18 08:54:09

#11710: is_simple - empty geometry logic
  Reporter: anonymous | Owner: barendgehrels
      Type: Bugs | Status: closed
 Milestone: To Be Determined | Component: geometry
   Version: Boost 1.58.0 | Severity: Problem
Resolution: fixed | Keywords:
Changes (by mkaravel):

 * cc: mkaravel (added)
 * status: new => closed
 * resolution: => fixed


 The ticket has been solved as part of GitHub PR 334:


 Empty lines and empty polygons as considered as invalid geometries. As
 such the result of is_simple is irrelevant. In the current fix (see PR
 above) is_simple returns false for both these geometries.

 On the contrary empty multi-geometries are considered as valid (in reality
 representing the empty geometry), and with this bug fix they are
 considered as simple as well.

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