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Subject: [Boost-bugs] [Boost C++ Libraries] #11805: building boost.python 1.57+ with msvc
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#11805: building boost.python 1.57+ with msvc
 Reporter: remi.ducceschi@… | Type: Bugs
   Status: new | Milestone: To Be Determined
Component: None | Version: Boost 1.57.0
 Severity: Problem | Keywords: boost.python python msvc

 First, I wanted to thanks you for Boost.Python which is amazing once you
 succeed to use it ^^

 I've tried for at least a week to make it works with MSVC (I tried 2010
 and 2015). As stated in https://svn.boost.org/trac/boost/ticket/10799
 there is several problems not all easy to find. But the last one is not
 logged, and I've finally found how to fix it yesterday \o/

 Thanks to this post on stackoverflow: http://stackoverflow.com/a/33600073
 (thanks a lot to Ralph even if I don't know him)

 just do the magic, and it works oO

 to summarize :
 - start by removing the line 1472 "toolset.flags msvc.link.dll LINKFLAGS
 <suppress-import-lib>true : /NOENTRY ;"
 - replace the lines 1351 to 1356 with

     generators.register [ new msvc-linking-generator msvc.link.dll :
         <toolset>msvc ] ;

 This bug occurs in 1.59.0 (version that I use), but is apparently here
 since 1.56 (said in the post)

 If this could be fixed in the next version of Boost, that would be great!

 First bug report on Boost, so don't hesitate to ask for more details if

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