[Boost-bugs] temp_directory_path and Android devices

Subject: [Boost-bugs] temp_directory_path and Android devices
From: doodad-js Admin (doodadjs_at_[hidden])
Date: 2016-01-21 23:09:49



I have read the specs
p_directory_path) and found the following issues with Android devices:


- It should first try to get the application's cache directory from
the API level 1 "getCacheDir" so that temporary files created by the
application can be easily and automatically removed.

- The function fails back to the hard coded value
"/data/local/tmp". But I think it should instead fail back to the
environment variable "ANDROID_DATA" when available and append "/local/tmp"
to it.


I'm not a core developer and the information provided on this email maybe
erroneous or incomplete. My apologies if I'm entirely wrong.




Claude Petit


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