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#12305: Requirements for traits::interior_{const,mutable}_type
 Reporter: john.firebaugh@… | Type: Bugs
   Status: new | Milestone: To Be Determined
Component: None | Version: Boost 1.61.0
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 documentation of Polygon Concept] states:

> there must be a specialization of `traits::interior_type` defining the
 type of the collection of its interior rings as type; **this collection
 itself must fulfill a Boost.Range Random Access Range Concept**

 (Emphasis mine; the mention of `traits::interior_type` should actually be
 `traits::interior_const_type` and `traits::interior_mutable_type` --
 ticket #12304 -- but the issue I'm reporting here has to do with the
 latter bolded part of the statement.)

 It appears that `boost::geometry::intersection` makes requirements on the
 interior type that are not a part of the Boost.Range Random Access Range
 Concept. Specifically,
 calls `interior_rings(destination).resize(...)`], and `resize` is not part
 of the Random Access Range Concept.

 A test case is attached; it fails to compile with the following error:

 error: no member named
       'resize' in
 std::__1::allocator<point> > *> >'
                 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ^

 Is this an error in convert_ring.hpp, or are there additional requirements
 on the interior type which are not documented?

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