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#12318: Problem using Boost 1.61.0 with VTK Marching Cubes
 Reporter: psmit057@… | Type: Tasks
   Status: new | Milestone: To Be Determined
Component: Building Boost | Version: Boost 1.61.0
 Severity: Problem | Keywords: header, #include

 I seem to be having a problem using Boost 1.61.0 in conjunction with VTK
 7.0.0. My purpose for using Boost is to obtain the filenames of all PNG
 files in any given folder using the following code:

 #include "boost/filesystem.hpp"

 namespace fs = ::boost::filesystem;

 // return the filenames of all files that have the specified extension
 // in the specified directory and all subdirectories
 void get_all(const fs::path& root, const string& ext, vector<fs::path>&
     if(!fs::exists(root) || !fs::is_directory(root)) return;

     fs::recursive_directory_iterator it(root);
     fs::recursive_directory_iterator endit;

     while(it != endit)
         if(fs::is_regular_file(*it) && it->path().extension() == ext)

 This code is used as part of the CXX file, which is built with an
 appropriate CMakeLists file using CMake 3.5.1 to produce a corresponding
 .xcodeproj file.

 However, the main problem that I'm facing is that attempting to build the
 project using an ALL_BUILD scheme in Xcode 7.0.1 leads to a series of
 errors pointing to the #include statements of the header files in the
 Boost folder (which is located in the same folder as the CXX and
 CMakeLists files).

 For instance, it starts off saying that "'boost/filesystem/config.hpp'
 file not found" in response to the following line of boost/filesystem.hpp:
 # include <boost/filesystem/config.hpp>

 Such errors could be resolved if I were to modify the syntax of the
 #include statements to follow a different format:
 # include "./filesystem/config.hpp"
 i.e., replacing the <> with "" and using relative paths to find the other
 required header files.

 However, going in to modify every single header file is a sort of tedium
 that I find it difficult to handle, and therefore I was hoping for a
 simpler solution to this problem.

 By the way, I am on a Mac, and my operating system is El Capitan version

 Thank you in advance.

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