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Subject: [Boost-bugs] [Boost C++ Libraries] #12341: Enhancement for multi_array resize
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Date: 2016-07-21 18:48:30

#12341: Enhancement for multi_array resize
 Reporter: eugvor@… | Owner: garcia
     Type: Feature Requests | Status: new
Milestone: To Be Determined | Component: multi_array
  Version: Boost 1.61.0 | Severity: Problem
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 Multi_array can have index_bases, it's really great, but resize only works
 for growing to the higher indexes. Would be nice to put a bit more code to
 resize it to the lower indexes as well, just add offset during a copy view
 to transfer data into a new array inside of the resize method. I've made
 an implementation outside of boost as a separate method. But it simple
 enough to add this resize downwards as well as upwards into the boost
 multi_array::resize implementation.

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