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Subject: [Boost-bugs] [Boost C++ Libraries] #12368: Improve property_tree documentation for path_of
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#12368: Improve property_tree documentation for path_of
 Reporter: harris.pc@… | Owner: cornedbee
     Type: Feature Requests | Status: new
Milestone: To Be Determined | Component: property_tree
  Version: Boost 1.61.0 | Severity: Problem
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 There is no documentation on the path_of system,

 I did find this helpful email:

 It would be great if something like that were in the official

 In the end, I managed to create my own extension for storing a tree of
 here is the key code, just in case you feel its a good example for the

 (Code is still not fully tested)

 // a custom path-string,
 // I am not using fs::path because I need to treat a directory and a file
 // differently in terms of the name, where
 // a directory has a / on the end of its name.
 // This allows me to have a tree with a file and folder existing in the
 // at the same time (the file may have been replaced with the folder, so
 // is deleted and the other is created).
 class PathString
    string filename;
    PathString( string const& p ) : filename(p) {}

    bool is_dir() const { return not empty() and
 filename[filename.size()-1] == '/'; }

    string const& str() const { return filename; }

    bool empty() const { return filename.empty(); }

    bool operator<( PathString const& b ) const
       return filename < b.filename;

    bool operator==( PathString const& b ) const
       return filename == b.filename;

 namespace boost {
    namespace property_tree {

       // specialisation of path_of for PathString
       template <>
       struct path_of<PathString>
          struct type
             std::string filename;
             std::string::size_type start, size;

             type( std::string const& s ) :

             std::string dump() const
                return filename.substr(start);

             bool empty() const
                return start == size;

             // aka pop_front() and return the fragment
             // modifies this value
             std::string reduce()
                assert(not empty());

                std::string::size_type next_sep = filename.find('/',

                // no separator, or separator found at the end
                if (next_sep == std::string::npos or next_sep+1 == size)
                   std::string part;
                   return part;

                // include the trailing separator
                std::string::size_type old_start = start;
                start = next_sep+1;

                return filename.substr(old_start, start-old_start);

             bool single() const
                // will return true if empty, it should not be asked for
 empty paths anyway

                // it is a "single" path if there is a slash BEFORE the
 last character.
                // if the last character is /, then it can be a "single"
                // so check if idx < filename.size()-1 --therefore--> idx+1
 < filename.size()
                std::string::size_type idx = filename.find('/');
                return idx == std::string::npos or idx+1 < filename.size();

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