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Date: 2016-10-07 23:14:09

#12499: Memory allocation fails
  Reporter: stephan.menzel@… | Owner: igaztanaga
      Type: Bugs | Status: new
 Milestone: To Be Determined | Component: interprocess
   Version: Boost 1.62.0 | Severity: Regression
Resolution: | Keywords: container, interprocess

Comment (by igaztanaga):

 Unfortunately, I could not reproduce the error. I suggest some changes to
 ease debugging:

 - Can you launch the client code as a thread in the server.cpp main, so
 that we can debug a single process? It still crashes?

 - Could you please send the generated Visual C++ project?

 - Are you using the latest Visual C++ 2015 Update? Just to make sure we
 are debuggning with the same toolset.

 - Can you add also the stack trace? I'd like to see the surrounding
 environment when the error triggers.

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